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Online Social Etiquette 101 | Christina Kincaid

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August 31st, 2011

Facebook, Twitter or Linked In? Where Should I Start?

The Answer is:   Are you a B2B or B2C company?  Do you sell to Local Businesses or Local Consumers?

Simply put……

  • Facebook for B2C
  • Linked In for B2B
  • Twitter… well that’s going to have to be another post.

For now let’s focus on the basics of Facebook.  Everyone is familiar with Facebook.  In the off-chance they haven’t used it they know what it is and that it exists.

One of your most powerful internet marketing tools is to know your demographic and their online behavior.  It sounds more complicated than it is.  If you can’t even begin to imagine what that entails then hire a respectable company to help you.

People use Facebook differently and it varies by age and gender. 

Younger users tend to “friend” everyone but they are also quick to “un-friend” you if you’re not the in thing anymore.  One wrong move from your company could unleash an army of teenagers and young adult’s texting and posting to every outlet known to man. 

There are two sizable groups as you reach the next tier of users: “Single” and “In Serious Relationships / Parents.”

The “Single” ones will be more open to accepting friends and companies on Facebook.  They only have to protect themselves at this point in life.  If a new bar opens in town and it’s really cool they will share this information on Facebook with their friends and family.  Most singles on Facebook want to know what’s going on locally as well as communicate with others.  

The next group, “In a Relationship / Parents,” use Facebook as an extension of their personal lives.  They are sharing pictures of friends and family with their loved ones.  They are a cautious bunch and will require your trust to share any information about your company.

I’m going to give you one example of how a local salon owner uses Facebook to promote and grow her business.  If she has a cancellation she posts it immediately.  Typically it can take 3 weeks to get an appointment with her so her clients jump on the chance to get that appointment.  She promotes her monthly salon specials and Girls Night Out events.  She is growing her business using a free medium because she knows her demographic and uses Facebook correctly.

Here’s The Christina Kincaid List of Online Social Etiquette 101: Facebook Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Do create and secure your relevant Facebook account
  • Do complete your profile
  • Do add images, company logos, etc.
  • Do make a post that references how to reach you
  • Do wait until you have the proper time to manage your Facebook account


  • Don’t start posting online unless your profile is complete
  • Don’t post everyday unless you have something relevant to say – You have to build the trust of your “friends” – they can “un-friend” or “hide your posts” with the click of a mouse
  • Don’t post multiple posts per day – You have something to say – Say it and move on to other parts of your business that need your attention.
  • Don’t post anything personal

If you follow these few simple tips you will have more success with your social media efforts.

Coming next week…I have to apologize.  You might think that I would be writing about Linked In however I have something more important to tell you….Power is Shifting Back to the People.  You have a voice online…. So Do Your Customers!  How do you listen to and manage what is being said about your company online?   Subscribe Now and Find Out!


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